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Updating of   28.05.2009. :

-=Russia 88=-

Russia 88 (site)

Script-Writer & Director: Pavel Bardin
"Our film is the result of the efforts
of a large number of people who have been working for an idea.
Not so much as an idea for a film but for ideas of freedom,
equality and brotherhood"



Updating of   12.02.2009. :


"Antifascist Attitude Russia" - documentary film about antifascist movement
in Russia. The film represents interview of participants of movement,
and also video from the actions. The main theme of a film are methods
and results of struggle against nazism from the point of view
of anti-fascists from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Irkutsk.
Film by Anarcho-art group "Children of Bakunin".
(In Russian)

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Updating of   14.06.2006. :

"Moscow Antifa Hooligans" (video)







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